Salina, Kan.

I feel like a broken record. There just isn’t much of anything new to report. I think we got a half day of cutting done since our last report. We were shocked that we could go even for those few hours. We have gotten snow and ice intermittently over the past two weeks. Right now, there is too much snow to cut, even with the cold temperatures. The forecast for this coming week calls for more snow. Needless to say, we are less than optimistic that we will cut any more.

We did start hauling some grain out from our bag storage. We started with some wheat and will move on to soybeans. The ground has to be frozen to get to the bags, so most days, we are limited to just the mornings.

The cows are still getting moved from field to field to graze milo stalks. During the first part of March, we will haul the calves to the feedlot. We will get weights on them and try to sell them soon after.

The planter has been in the shop. The guys had been waiting on some parts to get in so they should finish up this week.

Bill and I have been busy in the office getting the 2018 books in order and preparing cash flows. I like to say that I handle the current and past transactions. Bill can ask me how much of a chemical we purchased last year or who we purchased feed from. Bill, on the other hand, is the futures guy. He plans for the next year and the year after that. Knowing our roles is a benefit of working together for over 20 years!

Local commodity basis level — Cargill in Salina: wheat, -.20; milo, -.32; corn, -.25; soybeans, -.90. — Darcy Bradley