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Producer Progress Reports: Came Farms

Producer Progress Reports: Came Farms

Salina, Kan.

The ground dried out enough the past few weeks that we were able to get into the fields since our last report. We got our wheat and alfalfa acres fertilized and managed to get a couple of our pastures burned. Things went pretty well overall. We also hauled more soybeans out of our storage bags to the elevator.

We had .40 inches of moisture at the end of last week and we woke up Saturday to some snow on the ground. It was melted by mid-morning, thank goodness.

Our plans for the next couple of weeks are to burn one more of our pastures, apply herbicide to our wheat acres, and get burn downs done on our spring acres. We will probably try to haul more soybeans from our storage bags, too.

We got our calves sold and hauled out since our last report. All the cows are in pastures and we will start calving around May 1.

Bill and I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. David Kohl present at the Mid America Farm Expo in Salina last week. He was very informative and funny at the same time, using many sports references to get his points across. Dr. Kohl stressed that farmers will need to become better business managers by planning, strategizing, executing, and monitoring. We need to get better at managing costs and marketing and analyzing our financials quarterly, if not monthly. He also touched on trade issues, land values, and trends. I liked that he also talked about mental and physical health and how important it is to keep everything in perspective. Dr. Kohl added, β€œThe best crop we can raise is our children.”

Local commodity basis level β€” Cargill in Salina: wheat, -.10; milo, -.50; corn, -.33; soybeans, -.90. β€” Darcy Bradley

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