Since my last article progress in the fields has been slow. The previous week some beans came off; we are probably 3 percent to 4 percent complete on the bean harvest. From what I’ve heard of yields so far they are average to good. I’m holding out hope that as we move into the longer-maturity beans the yields will increase. This past week was mostly cloudy with some spotty sprinkles, so a lot of folks are sitting waiting for the beans to dry back down. A few guys have switched to corn. The moistures have been fairly wet, at 25 percent to 30 percent, which is quite common. So there’s been a lot of hunting and searching for corn to shell. With the limited sample size of corn, the yields have been all over the board. It appears our dry spell in August really hurt the corn crop on the shallower soil.

On the early-harvested bean fields I have seen a lot of wheat being put in. Wheat isn’t a big crop in southwest Wisconsin, but I was driving around Thursday and saw three drills going. So I think it will be a big wheat year down here.

Keep safe and remember to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Harvest is the final chapter of this great story we will call 2020!

Dave Justman of Cuba City runs 200 acres of his own and manages a 10,000-acre crop farm.